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Terms and Conditions

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Credit & Refunds

Unfortunately, at this time we can not offer refunds or credit.  Drivers are welcome to transfer or find replacements as long as the replacement driver completes the required forms and provides notification at least 24 hours prior.  The events will be held regardless of inclement weather or any other unforeseen condition.

Safety Requirements

As expected, helmets are required in order to participate.  Helmet must be in good order, not having been compromised in any way.  Rentals are often available by the track office for a small fee, however this is never a guarantee! 

Roll Over Protection:
All cars without a complete and fixed roof must have stock or aftermarket roll over protection.  Modern vehicles such as the NC/ND Miata, S2000, Boxster, Z3/4, and 350Z/370Z Roadster are all good examples of vehicles equipped with factory protection.  If your car did not come with factory protection, it must have installed a functional aftermarket roll bar designed for actual roll over protection.  If you have any doubt, please contact us for assistance.

Our required forms (See [Forms] page) are necessary to getting your wristband and windsheild sticker on the day of the event day.  The forms include basic safety briefing information, tech inspection checklist, and liability waiver. Our Tech Inspection for will include additional information regarding issues such as leaks, unsecured panels, etc that can often be overlooked by owners, but that are essential in keeping the track as safe an enviroment as possible.



AS THE TRACK ALLOWS.  Tracks such as Willow Spring have rules against normal passengers but make exceptions for instructor/student scenarios in which case we are happy to provide you with an opportunity for you to ride along with an instructor. 
For tracks allowing passengers, you may carry a maximum of one passenger in your vehicle.  

Catch All reserves the right to deny track access or to remove any persons from the premises as we see fit.  Refunds are not provided in such situations and future attendance may be denied. 


Our organization is focused on creating a friendly environment where drivers feel comfortable amongst each other.  Any actions whether on or off track that compromises this will be taken as intentional and dealt with appropriately.  Impared, unsafe, or inappropriate driving will also result in the immediate forfeiture of your track day registration and removal from the premises.

Tracked LLC Photos - Autosport track day photos at Streets of Willow Willow Springs - Firs
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